We provide complete demolition of buildings, industrial facilities and other buildings. We have advanced demolition equipment that allows us to use the most efficient processes and minimise negative impacts on the environment. We transport all waste generated during demolition for further treatment.

We conduct demolitions using advanced and professional equipment operated by trained personnel.

  • We develop and implement demolition plans
  • We perform complete demolitions, including removal of any waste generated
  • We remove, treat and recycle demolition waste

We adjust the dates and organisation of demolitions to the needs of our clients, ensuring maximum protection of the areas around the demolition from undesirable effects (dust, noise) with regard to OHS and fire prevention. All demolition waste is transported and disposed of or recovered in accordance with applicable legislation.

Demolition services

  • Complete demolition of buildings
  • Removal of the waste generated, crushing of construction debris
  • Professional approach using advanced equipment


AVE CZ arranges the demolition of buildings throughout the Czech Republic. We have advanced equipment and adequate facilities.