Remediation of industrial parks

We provide effective remediation of industrial parks throughout the Czech Republic. We provide comprehensive services in the remedy of environmental damage, remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, demolition work and industrial cleaning, including risk analysis, feasibility study, monitoring, chemical analyses and other processes.

We have our own team of specialists – geologists, hydrogeologists and construction engineers.

We dispose of or recover any excavated contaminated waste in our own facilities.

We offer comprehensive services in remediation of environmental damage, including consultations.

  • We carry out environmental contamination surveys
  • We collect laboratory samples
  • We prepare risk analyses, including project documentation
  • We provide the remediation and disposal of excavated waste and any possible use of secondary raw materials

AVE CZ provides comprehensive work in the evaluation and remedy of environmental damage in previously and currently operated industrial parks. We have advanced equipment. Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience in the field.