Facultative compensation

The company is actively involved in the employment of persons with disabilities (PwD), who constitute more than half of employees, thus meeting the legal condition of providing services for facultative compensation.

Facultative compensation is one of three options to meet the statutory condition or employment of persons with disabilities. Act no. 435/2004 Coll., on Employment, especially Section 81, applies to all employers with more than 25 employees and the mandatory proportion for employing persons with disabilities is 4% of the total number of employees.

Therefore, the mandatory share requirements can be fulfilled by:

  • Employing persons with disabilities
  • Buying products or services from employers who employ more than 50% of PwDs or placing orders with such organisations
  • Payments to the state budget
  • Combining the above options

Choose the right option

The law does not provide more options how to meet the mandatory share requirement. If you cannot employ PwDs for any reason, the right choice is to purchase practical and useful services offered by AVE Services. You will receive useful services, you will not pay your company's money to the state without any benefits, you will fulfil the 2015 facultative compensation requirement and support the employment of persons with disabilities.