Greenery Maintanance

We provide regular maintenance of parks and large open spaces, industrial parks, gardens, agricultural areas and sport facilities. If required, we also provide expert opinions, studies, projects, stock-taking, consulting and expert services regarding urban greenery.

Maintenance services are provided using professional machinery and equipment. Choose from the wide range of our services:

  • Mowing of public lawns, orchards, parks, gardens, industrial parks, sport facilities and roads
  • Planting and treatment of lawns
  • Planting and maintenance of flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, hedges
  • Cutting and pruning of shrubs and hedges
  • Pruning and felling of trees and natural greenery - using an aerial work platform and climbing equipment
  • Milling of stumps
  • Mechanical and chemical treatments against weeds
  • Spring and autumn raking of leaves
  • Watering
  • Maintenance of equipment (sand pits, benches) adjacent to maintained green areas
  • Cleaning of green areas
  • Garbage collection
  • Composting of biological waste

AVE CZ offers soil treatment, treatment and pruning of grown trees, tree felling, removal of stumps by milling and chopping the wood.

Urban greenery services

  • Management, maintenance and restoration of urban greenery
  • Professional consultation in urban greenery modifications
  • Monitoring and transfer of information on modern trends in urban greenery

We provide all greenery care services not only to cities and towns, but also to individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses.


AVE CZ provides urban greenery management and maintenance throughout the Czech Republic. We have advanced equipment and adequate facilities.