Public lighting

We provide the maintenance of public lighting, traffic lights and the respective electrical switchboards to our public partners. We can also arrange the installation, operation and dismantling of holiday lighting in cities and towns (Christmas light decoration, light decoration for cultural and social events).

All work is carried out by our trained specialists.

  • We design and develop project documentation for the installation of public lighting
  • We perform maintenance of lights, poles, switchboards
  • We search for and localise defects and perform repairs
  • We replace outdated lighting units with modern ones

AVE CZ provides the management and servicing of public lighting, operates holiday lighting in cities and towns. It offers comprehensive public lighting replacement services for towns and cities.


  • AVE CZ provides comprehensive public lighting replacement services of the highest quality
  • The city (town) does not pay more than the current cost of electricity and maintenance
  • AVE CZ will be in charge of managing/maintaining public lighting for a certain period of time
  • AVE CZ will fund its investment mainly from savings on electricity consumption and maintenance
  • AVE CZ maintains the new public lighting elements the entire time
  • After the agreed period, the management of public lighting returns to the city or continues under new conditions

Public lighting

AVE CZ provides public lighting management and maintenance throughout the Czech Republic. We have advanced equipment and adequate facilities that can be adjusted to your requirements.