Biological waste

We provide large-scale collection, removal and subsequent recovery of biodegradable waste throughout the Czech Republic. Biological waste is an organic substance that binds nutrients that we can return to the soil in the form of compost. By sorting biological waste, you will reduce the cost of collection and disposal of mixed municipal solid waste and contribute to improving the environment.


We offer our services not only to cities and towns, but also to entrepreneurs, small businesses and commercial entities. We use technology in accordance with applicable legislation and the highest European standards.

Biological waste includes:

Grass and weeds, fruit and vegetable waste, coffee and tea waste, including filters, waste plants, sawdust, wood chips from tree branches and shrubs, flower soil, fallen fruit, bedding from raising small animals etc.

Biological waste does not include:

Diapers, meat scraps, bones, leftover food (so-called food waste), dead animals, excrements of carnivorous animals, vacuum cleaner bags and all other non-biodegradable waste.

Biological waste

AVE CZ will arrange the collection and recovery of your biodegradable waste throughout the Czech Republic. Thank you for sorting waste and protecting the environment."