Food waste

We provide the collection, disposal and recovery of waste from kitchens, canteens and restaurants, both kitchen waste as well as food no longer suitable for consumption. Upon request, we collect waste at pre-arranged intervals or as required. We provide special waste receptacles for individual types of waste. AVE CZ provides the collection, disposal and recovery of food waste in accordance with applicable legislation.

We offer our services to restaurants, canteens, kitchens and other culinary operations.

  • Consulting in waste management, keeping records of waste
  • We provide waste receptacles, including their regular cleaning and disinfection
  • Cleaning of traps, removal of edible fats and oils
  • We remove full receptacles on a regular basis or as requested by the customer
  • Records of all waste are kept in compliance with the Waste Act

Containers for food waste

We provide 30L and 60L barrels or 80L to 340L containers for waste storage. The waste containers are rinsed and disinfected after every collection. All waste is then used in composting facilities and biogas plants.

Food waste includes:

  • Food unsuitable for consumption- Food leftovers- All foods without packing- Heat-treated meat- Fish bones- Coffee and tea dregs- Fruit and vegetable wasteFood waste does not include:
  • Food packaging, foil, plastic bags
  • Rubber or plastic gloves, dish sponges, scouring pads
  • Liquid and highly fatty foods (e.g. oil)
  • Raw meat and dead animals
  • Bones
  • Single use dishes (plates, cups, cutlery)
  • Toothpicks, skewers, strings

Food waste

AVE CZ provides the collection, recovery and disposal of your food waste throughout the Czech Republic. We have advanced equipment and adequate facilities that we adjust to your requirements for the frequency of collection and the volume of waste.