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For cleaner future

AVE CZ odpadové hospodářství s. r. o. has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1993. In the waste management services market, we specialise primarily in municipal services, services for industrial enterprises, remediation of old environmental damage and facility management.

Our Mission
We operate in areas where humans leave their inevitable negative footprint on the Earth's environment. We try to minimize this footprint and place maximum emphasis on ecology in all our activities. "Clean future" is not only our motto, but above all one of the main goals of our direction. We want to be a good neighbor, which is why we support educational and sports activities or other non-profit projects leading to social responsibility and environmental protection in all our areas of operation.
Our Vision
As the market leader in waste management, we will always provide our customers with the highest quality services with maximum consideration for the environment. With regard to the best possible technologies, the most modern technological procedures and with maximum conservation of natural resources.

Corporate Video

Company Management

Ing. Aleš Hampl, MBA

Managing and Executive Director

Bc. František Dombek

Executive Director

Ing. Radim Kotlář

Executive Director

Ing. Dušan Svoboda

Executive Director

Ing. Jan Žurek

Chief Clerk

Ing. Milan Korecký

Chief Clerk

Ing. Olga Šmídlová

Chief Clerk

Ing. Michal Klimeš

Chief Clerk

Membership in professional associations and organisations

Social Corporate Responsibility
Social Corporate Responsibility
We see social corporate responsibility as an integral part of our corporate policy and culture. We are striving to be perceived as good neighbours in the regions where we operate. Therefore, we cooperate with towns, cities and regions, and support a number of projects and institutions in the field of environmental protection and education.

Clean future is our common goal

Caring for the environment is the foundation of our business.

We take care of waste generated by the society while strictly respecting the ecological aspect of our business. Therefore, landfills are not only facilities for waste disposal, but they are equipped with advanced sorting lines, decontaminating areas and areas for biological treatment of waste and with equipment for environmentally friendly cleaning of leachate. We use landfill gas to generate electricity. Our vehicles run on natural gas. We invoice in electronic form only.

We remediate and rehabilitate the landscape

We help the environment recover from the impacts of heavy and chemical industries. We remediate old environmental damage. We rehabilitate contaminated soils and bodies of water so that they can once again serve the community.

We act transparently

We strive to ensure that our business is as transparent as possible. Our employees adhere to a strict code of ethics and are regularly trained in antitrust law and the principles of public procurement.

We are responsible

Our facilities comply with the most stringent environmental and safety regulations, we hold the ""Waste Management Professional"" certificate and the ISO 14001 certificate (environmental management).

We care for our community, we help others

We support the development of cities and towns in the regions: we participate in charitable and cultural events, support local associations and sports clubs. We cooperate with schools and towns in environmental education projects – we regularly organise so-called Eco Days, Children's Days, and Earth Days. For children and the youth, we organise tours of our facilities, secondary raw materials collection contests, and we teach children how to sort waste.

Company Values








AVE CZ participates in a number of sponsorship activities in the regions where it operates. For many towns, AVE CZ is not only an important business partner, but it is also becoming an important partner for local sports clubs, cultural associations and charitable organisations. For many years, we have also been supporting, for example: Judo Čáslav, Benátky nad Jizerou Volleyball Club, PET-ART in Brandýs nad Labem or the Czech Tourist Club in Kolín.

AVE CZ is also the general partner of the Athlete of the Year Award, the official partner of the National Ice Hockey League, a partner of the Czech Ice Hockey National Team and an important sponsor of top Czech football teams.

Our most important partners include

Our most important partners include

Eva Samková

AC Sparta Praha

FK Mladá Boleslav

SJ Dynamo České Budějovice

FK Ústí nad Labem

HC Slovan Ústí nad Labem

FK Čáslav

FK Berrani Zlín

Novoborský šachový klub

Autodrom Sosnová a Rally Bohemia 2019

Volejbalový klub Odolená Voda

Floorbal Club Česká Lípa

Ypsilon Golf Liberec


Our other supported activities

Our other supported activities

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Malá technická univerzita
  • společnost AVE CZ se stala partnerem projektu Malá technická univerzita, konkrétně části Malý zpracovatel odpadů

Jsme partnerem CITY TRIATHLONU v Karlových Varech.



In the Czech Republic, the AVE Group has implemented a uniform organisational leadership and management method - integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of applicable law and international standards:systém řízení v souladu s požadavky obecně závazných předpisů a mezinárodních norem.

ISO 9001

Quality Management System


ISO 14001

Environmental Management


ISO 45001

occupational safety management


ISO 50001

Energy Management


Politika IMS

Policy of the integrated management system of the AVE CZ group of companies


Odborný podnik pro nakládání s odpady

The AVE group of companies also holds the industry certificate "Specialist waste management company".


Our certificates are issued for the following scope of activities:

Our certificates are issued for the following scope of activities:

Comprehensive waste management and environmental protection services

Environmental protection consulting services

Restoration and hydrogeological work and remediation of old environmental damage

Winter and summer maintenance of roads and greenery

Use and processing of waste and production of materials for restoration and construction

Facility management and cleaning services