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Clean future is a common goal

About us

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Our Mission
We operate in areas where humans leave their inevitable negative footprint on the Earth's environment. We try to minimize this footprint and place maximum emphasis on ecology in all our activities. "Clean future" is not only our motto, but above all one of the main goals of our direction. We want to be a good neighbor, which is why we support educational and sports activities or other non-profit projects leading to social responsibility and environmental protection in all our areas of operation.
Our Vision
As the market leader in waste management, we will always provide our customers with the highest quality services with maximum consideration for the environment. With regard to the best possible technologies, the most modern technological procedures and with maximum conservation of natural resources.
Gentlemen garbage men

Gentlemen garbage men


Gentlemen garbage men

Thanks to the author of the article from Frýdlant n. O.

Perhaps each of us wished to be a garbage collector as a child. That idyll when you ride on a kuka wagon, the wind blows in your hair and you wave to passers-by. But I guess the "garbage men" themselves don't see it as such an idyll. In any weather, whether it's hot or cold, they have to honestly get on that step and the wind in their hair is really not their friend.  The bins are heavy and not exactly fragrant.

In our tiny village of Kamenka, near Odry, municipal waste is exported by AVE CZ odpadové hospodářství s.r.o., specifically the Frýdlant nad Ostravicí plant. This would not be so unusual, but in our area it is a big event every Thursday, especially for small children. I wish you could see the children in the kindergarten waiting by the fence on Thursdays for the right time, looking excitedly at the white truck with the AVE logo in the distance. The driver slows down, honks his horn and the gentlemen on the podium wave to the children. It's a small gesture for some, but for those shining children's eyes it's a really big deal. A classic village detour and bin collection follow, but here too it's not without a child audience. Their work is an event in every home where they have young children. These children, too are standing in their gardens, stuck to the fence, waiting for the smiling faces of our "Gentlemen Garbage Men". They, too, are graced with honks and waves.

In today's hectic times, when work is often seen as a duty, it is rare to see people who can show empathy and represent their company in such an exemplary way. Our "gentlemen garbage collectors" deserve a heartfelt THANK YOU.

Karína Kopecká, Frýdlant n. O

Social responsibility

AVE CZ odpadové hospodářství s. r. o. has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1993. In the waste management services market, we specialise primarily in municipal services, services for industrial enterprises, remediation of old environmental damage and facility management.